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What to Do If You Need Emergency Dental Treatment in Georgina

If you’ve got a dental emergency, taking care of your mouth and tooth properly can make all the difference while you head for emergency dental treatment in Georgina.


My Tooth Was Knocked Out

Whether it was a hard tackle in football or a painful accident at home, a tooth that’s been knocked out isn’t necessarily lost forever. It’s important to rinse the tooth off, if possible. Don’t scrub it clean. Try to hold it in its socket while you go for help. If pain or circumstances make that impossible, then either hold it under your tongue or place it in a container with saline solution or milk.


A tooth that’s been knocked out can be successfully re-implanted but it’s important to find emergency dental treatment as soon as you can. The greatest chance of success happens within 30 minutes of the tooth becoming dislodged. The longer it takes you to get to the dentist, the smaller the chance of success for re-implantation.


I’ve Got a Killer Toothache

Not all tooth pain is the start of a root canal, even if it feels like it. First, you need to determine if it’s something as simple as a piece of food that has worked its way up between your teeth and gums. Something as simple as a piece of a popcorn kernel can cause sharp pain and swelling. Try flossing or brushing gently, or rinsing the area with warm water. You can try an over the counter pain reliever for the pain.


If nothing seems to help or the pain increases, contact your dentist or a dentist who offers emergency dental treatment in Georgina for help. Never place an aspirin on your gum or tooth in an attempt to lessen the pain—it can cause tissue damage.


I Bit My Tongue or Lip

Don’t panic at the sight of blood— place a clean cloth over the cut and apply gentle pressure. This should help slow any bleeding. You can also place a cold compress or wrapped ice cube over the spot to reduce swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop or you think you may need stitches, go to the emergency room or your family doctor. You can also seek emergency dental treatment.


I Broke or Cracked My Tooth

If you can, rinse the area with warm water to remove any debris. If the nerve is damaged or exposed to air, you may be in extreme pain. Even if it doesn’t hurt, it’s important to go for emergency dental treatment to assess the damage. Fixing broken teeth is easier if you seek immediate treatment. Even if you’re a new patient, contact a dentist immediately and explain the problem.


Sometimes you can’t see a crack but can feel pain at the site when you eat or drink something cold or hot, or if you don’t feel any pain when you bite down but feel pain when you release the bite.


Whether you fell, had an accident, or simply bit into a hard piece of food, it’s important to take care of any damaged teeth. If you need emergency dental treatment in Georgina, seek help right away for pain relief and to help avoid serious complications.

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